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Join Circle 31!

A community of monthly donors doing ministry together.


know the Truth
and live the Truth,
because when you do,
it changes everything.

As a member of Circle 31, you will:

women a daily source of biblical Truth they can count on, even when everything else feels unreliable.

ongoing impact reports and real-time testimonies so you can know with confidence you’re really making a difference.

insider perks you can’t get anywhere else, including access to a texting community, free digital products, discounts and more.

friendships with others who are also passionate about seeing God’s Word impact the hearts of women.

establishing a reliable source of Truth for women around the world through Proverbs 31 Ministries, you will receive:

    • A discount of 10% off in the Proverbs 31 bookstore anytime.
    • Free digital books and products throughout the year.
    • Access to an exclusive texting community.
    • Invitations to livestream events with special guests.
    • Inside scoop on Proverbs 31 news and stories of impact.