“Why Can’t I Get Over This? 5 Steps To Get Unstuck in the Areas You Can’t Seem To Make Progress In”

If nothing changes, we won’t change.

Whether it’s …

• A thought pattern you keep ruminating on.

• A habit you haven’t been able to kick yet.

• A reaction you keep having with a certain person in your life.

• An apology you repeatedly say.

• A situation you’ve prayed over countless times but you’re struggling to fully trust God with.

• A part of your life you have so much vision for but you just can’t seem to get there.

You may feel hopeless that things can ever get better or even be convinced you’ll always be trapped in this place. But, friend, we’re here to remind you that with God’s help, change is not just possible but probable! The improvements may be slow, but perfection isn’t the goal — progress is.

Wherever you feel stuck, this free resource will help you:


• Identify what’s currently not working and why, by answering intentional questions that will get you excited about the future again.

• Interrupt the lies the enemy throws at you, by learning how to take charge of your thoughts with Truth from God’s Word.

• Implement necessary guardrails that will protect you and help you keep making progress, even if you lose your way or have a setback.